Happy Retirement Chris!!

Today is a bittersweet day for the team at Dicksons as one of our true “legends” retires.

Chris Hopkin the longest serving solicitor in the practice and former Director of Dicksons. Chris retires today after 50 years serving the legal profession in Stoke on Trent.

Chris has been a qualified Solicitor since 1977. He started his long and successful career as an Articled Clerk at Marston Fleet Solicitors, before working for Stoke City Council for a short period and then joining Clyde Chappell & Botham based in Tunstall, Biddulph and Meir in 1979. In 1998 he broke away from Clyde Chappell & Botham to create a new company HMB Law based in Tunstall with two other solicitors. Then in 2000, Chris merged his company with Challinors & Dickson based in Hanley, which became Dicksons HMB and then later Dicksons Solicitors.

Over the years Chris has assisted his clients in a variety of different areas of law such as Criminal, Personal Injury, Conveyancing and more recently Probate and Child Care Family Law. Chris is one of the longest serving members of the Law Society’s Childrens Panel in the Staffordshire area. He is well known for his professional, down to earth, no nonsense approach and his complete dedication to his clients.

For us here at Dicksons we say farewell to our colleague, friend and all round “legend”. It had been a pleasure to work with Chris and he will be missed. We wish Chris all the best and hope that he enjoys a long and restful retirement.